Radish "Black Spanish" HEIRLOOM 30 Seeds

Raphanus sativus

A European winter variety that produces 3-4 inch turnip shaped roots with deep-black skin and solid crisp pungent pure-white flesh. Matures in 50 to 70 days and keeps well in good storage conditions. Space farther apart than small red varieties.

Very easy to grow. Good for a child's first garden as seedlings appear in two or three days. Sow between other vegetables as they will mark the rows until the slower germinating plants appear.

Culinary hints - cooking and eating Radish

Wash well and remove leaves and roots.
Use raw in salads or on their own with bread and butter. 


  • Sow Moderate Climate: Aug-Jun
  • Sow Warm Climate: All Year Round
  • Sow Sub-Tropical Climate: All Year Round
  • Sow Tropical Climate: All Year Round
  • Sowing Method: Sow Direct
  • Depth: 15mm
  • Row Spacing: 20-30cm
  • Plant Spacing: 3-8cm
  • Soil Temp: 20-25 °C
  • Emerge: 5-14 Days
  • Harvest: 40-60 Days


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Black Spanish radish

By: on 19 December 2018
Received the seeds promptly, sowed them immediately after their arrival,and had to leave for twenty days.Hope to see them growing when I return. Will let you know...

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