Pea Massey Gem Shelling 25 Seeds

The most popular market pea, Massey Gem is the old standard for commercial shelling peas. The pods are typically 9cm long and contain 8 seeds per pod. Wrinkled seeds are green and white. Height 40-50cm.

Peas are best grown in cooler seasons. Peas need some support when growing, tree prunings with lots of small twigs are a cheap and handy source. Or else strings between posts or wire netting. the peas need tying in the early stages, until they start producing tendrils and clinging to the support.

Some pea varieties are called 'dwarf' but to make harvesting easier it is a good idea to support the plants.

Pick pea pods while young and pick them often to keep them producing.

Culinary hints - cooking and eating Peas

Raw straight from the pod in the garden is best!
Raw in salads.
Steamed lightly.
Small pods can be steamed whole. 

  • Sow Cool Climate: Aug-Sep
  • Sow Warm Climate: Apr-Jul
  • Depth: 3 x Seed Diameter
  • Soil Temp: 8-24 °C
  • Emerge: 7-21 Days
  • Spacing: 5-8 cm
  • Harvest: 9-11 Weeks




Unit Of Measure ml

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