Parsley Bravour 100 Seeds

Petroselinum crispum

An outstanding variety with dark green, finely curled foliage said to have exceptional flavour. For spring, summer and overwinter use. Grows to form a compact plant. Makes a very tidy pot in a short time.

Takes a while to germinate, about 3 - 5 weeks before the seedlings appear. Grows to about 20 -30cm (8 -10in) until it flowers when the stems will shoot up to about 1m (3ft) .

The useful leaves disappear when parsley flowers so it is best to have some more seedlings ready to plant.

Will self seed and produce plenty of new plants every year. Can survive snow and light frosts

Culinary hints - cooking and eating Parsley

Use the leaves and stems to add flavour and colour.
Can be cooked in dishes such as ratatouille
Traditionally used in white sauce 

  • Sow Moderate Climate: Sep-Mar
  • Sow Warm Climate: Aug-Mar
  • Sow Sub-Tropical Climate: Mar-Sep
  • Sow Tropical Climate: May-Jul
  • Sowing Method: Raise Seedlings or Sow Direct
  • Depth: 3mm
  • Plant Spacing: 25-40cm
  • Soil Temp: 20-25 °C
  • Emerge: 14-28 Days


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