The Straw Bale Gardening Revolution

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It's with great pleasure we’d like to introduce Christine our friend at Straw Bale Gardening Australia. Christine is a Certified Straw Bale Gardening Expert located at Urana. A region in the Riverina area of New South Wales, about 560 kilometres southwest of the state capital.

I must say, before I knew Christine, I didn’t know that Straw Bale Gardening existed in such a form. What I have learnt since knowing such a “think outside the box” gardener has amazed me. Her results show for themselves. 

Grown in one of the toughest areas in Australia. Frosty Winter nights. Blasts of heat in Summer, up to 45c and destructive winds. It makes me feel lucky walking in to my back yard! 

Christine also offers workshops for 2-4 people on a day and time to suit plus workshops of 8 for a full day which includes morning tea and homemade lunch individuals come from hundreds of kilometres away to attend. 

The garden is also open Saturdays from 10.30 am-4.00 pm with free entry and complimentary refreshments.

Christine has started a Straw Bale Gardening revolution!

Here’s some of what Christine had to say.

Hi Christine. So, what’s Straw Bale Gardening all about?

“Have you ever wanted to grow a sustainable, raised-bed method, vegetable and herb garden but have poor soil, no tools, hate the thought of weeding, you may also have a problem bending? No green thumb? Want to grow fresh vegetables for a healthier diet and save money? Would you like to grow vegetables and herbs plus some flowers with the family or grandkids as a family project or you might be involved with a school or Community Garden? Maybe you work with older people and some with disabilities that would like an outdoor project.”

Can anyone do this? 

“Being a raised height it’s perfect for young kids, people in wheelchairs and limited mobility. No tools mean no expensive outlay. No soil to eat or messy clothes. Virtually weed free.  Maybe you rent or only have a small space. You might even just have a concrete back yard. Even one bale can be a wonderful herb garden. Straw Bale Gardening is your answer no matter what your gardening skills.”

 So how long does it take to get started?

“You can turn a humble straw bale (wheat straw is best) by prepping it with water and fertiliser over a 10-14-day schedule, creating a perfect environment to plant in”.  And you can grow from there? “During prepping the bale warms up and starts a composting process in which you can plant seeds direct or seedlings without any tools! 

How easy does that sound?”

Ok. How about climate and season? “Straw Bale Gardening can be started at any time of the year in most parts of Australia but it’s best for a head start in spring.”


What about maintenance? “Very little maintenance is required. Just water and fertilise as a traditional garden. There are no soil-borne diseases or crop rotation to worry about. Companion planting can be used for bug control. Best of all at the end of the season your bale will have turned to the most beautiful compost ready to use in your next season garden.” 

Wow. So not only straw bales are used for compost, but can be used for growing prior to that? “Of course.” Well I have never seen things that way. 


Sounds exciting? 

All you need is a straw bale,water, fertiliser, seeds and Straw Bake Gardening Basics e-book written with aussie conditions in mind.

To get started you can purchase an e-book which covers all the basics plus expert planning and growing support details as well useful links.  There’s much more info in the e-book. 
Christine is an established community member, who has created and promotes her local community at as well as Urana Bird Facebook Page, and the Urana Aquatic Centre Facebook Page

Please click below to find out all you need to know about straw bale gardening. 

Please click below for what to plant now in your straw bales and location. 



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By: on 25 July 2020
i think looking back that i had too much fertilizer....i did what I thought was right,,,but when I planted ,,my plants shriveled ,to nothing,,,,,now a month later im growing beautiful cucumbers and basil,,,


By: on 22 October 2018
I am so excited.

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