No More Snails in Your Garden

Author: Rob   Date Posted:6 May 2018 

Tip of the Month April

Snails are big pest in anyone's garden. Here's one simple and fun method I have learnt to get rid of them effectively.

  1. Find yourself a margarine container or similar. A bit on the larger side. Dig a hole in your garden where snails frequent to the depth of the container.
  2. Place the container in the hole and fill the dirt back flush to the top.
  3. Then you need some beer. Pour in just below top level. Add a few table spoons of brown sugar. And that's it.

Wait and see snails, slugs and even some types of wasps enter and die. At least it’s in a drunken pleasurable way! Leave whatever is in there until the beer evaporates. The ants will then come and clean up the remains. You can then remove the shells and start again. Why not in several places? It’s a fun and effective why to remove those ground dwellers without adding any chemicals to your garden.

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