Black Peppermint "Eucalyptus amygdalina" 100 Seeds

Eucalyptus amygdalina

Tree to 30 m tall. Forming a lignotuber.

Bark rough on part or all of trunk and to base of large branches, finely fibrous peppermint type, dark grey to grey-brown, smooth bark white to grey, or brownish, sometimes with ribbons of decorticated bark in the upper branches.
Juvenile growth (coppice or field seedlings to 50 cm): stem rounded in cross-section, warty; juvenile leaves opposite for 10 to 15 nodes then alternate, sessile, lanceolate to falcate, 2.8-5.5 cm long, 0.2-1.1 cm wide, margin entire, green.
Adult leaves alternate, petiole 0.4-2 cm long; blade lanceolate to linear or slightly falcate, 5.5-12 cm long, 0.4-1.2 cm wide, base tapering evenly to petiole, margin entire, concolorous, slightly glossy to dull, bluish green maturing green, venation acute to sub-parallel, reticulation sparse to absent, intramarginal vein parallel to and well removed from margin, oil glands few to numerous, island.
Inflorescences axillary unbranched, peduncles 0.4-1 cm long; buds 11 to 15 or more, pedicellate, clavate, green to yellow, smooth or slightly warty, scar absent although a depression ring may be visible at the join of operculum and hypanthium, operculum rounded to slightly apiculate, stamens inflexed or irregularly flexed, with or without staminodes, anthers reniform to cordate, versatile, dorsifixed, dehiscing by (usually) confluent slits, style short or long, locules 3 or 4, the placentae each with 2 vertical ovule rows; flowers white.
Fruit pedicellate, or sessile, cup-shaped to hemispherical, 0.5-0.7 cm wide, disc raised slightly or level to descending, valves 3 or 4, near rim level to enclosed.
Seed brown, 1-2 mm long, pyramidal or obliquely pyramidal to cuboid, dorsal surface smooth, hilum terminal.


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