Beetroot "Bulls Blood" HEIRLOOM 50 Seeds

Beta vulgaris

This popular heirloom variety produces dark red-purple leaves that can be cut for the baby leaf market 35 days from sowing. Tops are exceptionally beautiful with a remarkable sweet flavour. The uniform deep colour of this variety adds a broad red undertone to any salad mix.

Bulls Blood – The tops are dark red – purple colour and the roots are candy striped when sliced. This has a very sweet flavour. It takes 35 days for the baby leaf tops to mature and 55 – 58 days for the beet root to mature. It can grow to 35 – 45cm tall. Grows best in cooler weather and full sun. Needs regular water but do not over water.

Soak seeds in water 24 hours before planting so that you can separate the seeds. Thinning is nearly always required as seedlings emerge from a seedball of several seeds. If you don't thin them, you will get a number of rather pathetic plants which don't grow to an edible size. Harvest in 55 - 70 days but will keep in ground for longer.

Keep well-watered as dry beetroot develop a woody and inedible core. Tip from the Italian Gardener ' Make sure the top of the beet's bulb is covered with soil; this keeps the entire bulb the same colour and prevents 'corkiness' at the top of the bulb." For tasty and tender beetroot, start harvesting at golfball-size. a spinach replacement. 


  • Sow Moderate Climate: Sep-Apr
  • Sow Warm Climate: Aug-Apr
  • Sow Sub-Tropical Climate: Feb-Oct
  • Sow Tropical Climate: Feb-Jul
  • Sowing Method: Sow Direct
  • Depth: 20-25mm
  • Row Spacing: 30-40cm
  • Plant Spacing: 5-10cm
  • Soil Temp: 20-25 °C
  • Emerge: 15-25 Days
  • Harvest: 50-90 Days


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