10 Simple Gardening Tips and Tricks

Author: Rob  

1. Turn as long-handled tool into a measuring stick. Lay down your tool next to a tape measure.
Mark every 10cm with a permanent marker. Lay next to your planting area. This can give you a
guide when it comes to spacing your plants.

2. Use your long-handled tool to make your drills. Simply place your tool on the soil in the
required area. Slightly press into the soil. Remove or lay alongside the drill and use your
measurement on the tool to sow you seeds.

3. To prevent your whipper snipper cord from jamming or breaking, treat with a vegetable oil
spray before installing.

4. Keep your twine handy by placing it in a clay pot. Pull the twine through the drainage hole and
place upside down in your garden. Pull your twine out as required. You’ll never lose your twine

5. Don’t throw away your water after boiling your vegetables. Use it to water your plants and
watch them grow with benefits.

6. Dry your herbs by placing them between newspaper sheets and place in your car. Keep the
windows closed. Not only will your herbs dry to perfection, but your car will small great too.

7. Remove those nasty aphids by rolling sticky tape around your fingers in reverse. Tap on those
little buggers and they stick to the tape. Concentrate underneath the leaf where they love to

8. Place a tarp or a large piece of plastic over your compost heap. This will dramatically increase
the time it takes to be ready. Place some rocks around the edge to secure. Remove
occasionally und turn your compost over with your fork.

9. Create natural looking plant markers by using some attractive rocks. Use a permanent marker
and place the rocks at the end of your runs or base of your plants.

10. If you don’t like the dirt staying underneath your fingernail. Scratch a piece of soap before
gardening. This seals the underside of your nails and makes washing your hands much easier.

Happy gardening.

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